9783319221649Chikanda, A., Crush, J., and Walton-Roberts, M. (2015). Diasporas, Development and Governance. Springer. 

Drawing on examples from the global North and South, this book examines the relationship between migration, development and diaspora engagement from a governance perspective. It explores the ways that governments interact with their own extra-national diasporic populations in order to boost economic development, build global trading and investment networks, and increase their political leverage overseas.


Crush bookAnich, R., Crush, J., Melde, S., and Oucho, J.O. (Eds). (2014). A New Perspective on Human Mobility in the South. Springer.

This book offers insights on South–South human mobility. It features a collection of papers that highlight often overlooked mobility patterns among and within regions in the global South as well as address critical realities faced by South-South migrants.


robert mcleman book coverMcLeman, Robert A. (2013) Climate and Human Migration: Past Experiences, Future Challenges. Cambridge University Press.

This book provides a comprehensive review of how physical and human processes interact to shape migration, using simple diagrams and models to guide the researcher, policy maker, and advanced student through the climate-migration process. The book applies standard concepts and theories used in climate and migration scholarship to explain how events such as Hurricane Katrina, the Dust Bowl, African droughts, and floods in Bangladesh and China have triggered migrations that haven’t always fit the environmental refugee storyline.


Norton_CulturalGeog3e_CovFNLNorton, W. and M. Walton-Roberts (Eds.) (2014) Cultural Geography: Environments, Landscapes, Identities, Inequalities (3rd Edition). Oxford University Press.

Exploring the relationship between people and the places they live, this new edition analyzes cultural identities and landscapes on both local and global scales. Maintaining a balance between traditional and modern approaches, Cultural Geography is a current, comprehensive introduction to this evolving field.


territoriality and migrationWalton-Roberts, M. and J. Hennebry (Eds.) (2014) Territoriality and Migration in the EU Neighbourhood: Spilling Over the Wall. Springer.

This volume brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars around an important question: how has migration changed in Europe as the European Union has enlarged, and what are the consequences for countries (and for migrants themselves) inside and outside of these redrawn jurisdictional and territorial borders? By addressing this question the book contributes to three current debates with respect to EU migration management: 1) that recent developments in EU migration management represent a profound spatial and organizational reconfiguration of the regional governance of migration, 2) the trend towards the externalization or subcontracting of migration control and, 3) how the implications of Europe’s changing immigration policy are increasingly felt across the European neighborhood and beyond.

mobilities knowledge social justiceIlcan, Suzan (Ed.) (2013) Mobilities, Knowledge, and Social Justice. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

This collection reconsiders mobility as a key term in the social sciences and humanities by delineating new ways of understanding how mobility informs and shapes lives as well as social, cultural, and political relations within, across, and beyond states.



immigration integrationAndrews, C., J. Biles, M. Berstein, V. Esses and E. Tolley (Eds.) (2013) Immigration, Integration and Inclusion in Ontario Cities. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Ontario receives the majority of newcomers to Canada, and its cities are a locus of diversity. Recognizing that the building and sustenance of “welcoming communities” is as much a local project as a national and provincial one, this volume explores the activities of municipal governments in Ontario as well as those of a number of other important “social forces” situated at the local level.


producing and negotiatingGoldring, L. and P. Landolt (Eds.) (2013) Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship: Precarious Legal Status in Canada. University of Toronto Press.

Most examinations of non-citizens in Canada focus on immigrants, people who are citizens-in-waiting, or specific categories of temporary, vulnerable workers.  In contrast, Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship considers a range of people whose pathway to citizenship is uncertain or non-existent. This includes migrant workers, students, refugee claimants, and people with expired permits, all of whom have limited formal rights to employment, housing, education, and health services.


targeted transnationalsHennebry, J. and B. Momani (Eds.) (2013) Targeted Transnationals: The State, The Media and Arab Canadians. UBC Press.

Following 9/11, the securitization of state practices and policies has chipped away at the citizenship and personal rights of all Canadians, particularly those of Arab descent. This book argues that, in a securitized global context and through racialized immigration and security policies, Arab Canadians have become “targeted transnationals.” Negative media representations have further legitimized their homogenization and racialization.


migration in 21stGardiner Barber, P. and W. Lem (Eds.) (2012) Migration in the 21st Century: Political Economy and Ethnography. Routledge.

This edited collection focuses on global migration in its inter-regional, international and transnational variants, and argues that contemporary migration scholarship is significantly advanced both within anthropology and beyond it when ethnography is theoretically engaged to grapple with the social consequences and asymmetries of twenty-first century capitalism’s global modalities.


legislated inequalityLenard, P. and C. Straehle (Eds.) (2012) Legislated Inequality: Temporary Labour Migration in Canada. McGill-Queen’s University Press.

Historically, Canada has adopted immigration policies focused on admitting migrants who were expected to become citizens. A dramatic shift has occurred in recent years as the number of temporary labourers admitted to Canada has increased substantially. Legislated Inequality critically evaluates this radical development in Canadian immigration, arguing that it threatens to undermine Canada’s success as an immigrant nation.


transnational and immigrantHonig, B., I. Drori and B. Carmichael (Eds.) (2010) Transnational and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World. University of Toronto Press.

Transnational and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World brings together leading international scholars from a cross-disciplinary basis to examine the economic, social, regulatory, technological, and theoretical issues related to the impact of transnational entrepreneurs on business and economic development.



seeking asylumMountz, Alison (2010) Seeking Asylum: Human Smuggling and Bureaucracy at the Border. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Seeking Asylum is a wide-ranging investigation into the power of states to change the relationship between geography and law as they negotiate border crossings. Using examples from Canada, Australia, and the United States, Alison Mountz demonstrates the centrality of space and place in efforts to control the fate of unwanted migrants.



key conceptsGallaher, C., C. Dahlman, M. Gilmartin, A. Mountz, with P. Shirlow (2009) Key Concepts in Political Geography. Thousand Oaks: Sage.

Key Concepts in Political Geography is a new kind of textbook that forms part of an innovative set of companion texts for the Human Geography sub disciplines. Organized around 20 short essays, Key Concepts in Political Geography provides a cutting edge introduction to the central concepts that define contemporary research in political geography.