Building Migrant Resilience in Cities

Building Migrant Resilience in Cities | Immigration et resilience en milieu urbaine
Strengthening Resilience and Supporting Migrant Capabilities throughout Pathways to Integration and Settlement

Established in 2016, “Building Migrant Resilience in Cities” is a five-year research partnership and a multi-sector collaboration among academics, community representatives, and policymakers. It draws on over 20 years of experience in bringing together a range of key actors working on issues immigration and settlement through CERIS, a leading Ontario network of migration and settlement researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Our initiative is unique in how it explores the concept of social resilience in the context of increasing immigration in urban areas across the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The project represents five universities in Quebec and Ontario.

The Kitchener-Waterloo City Network led by Dr. Jenna Hennebry examines the challenges, capabilities and strategies that build social resilience in temporary migrant workers, international students and individuals without status; this project will consider the impacts of gender, levels of precarity and category of entry. We will examine which strategies, resources, networks, motivations and obstacles contribute to, or impede social resilience. The KW City Network also examines institutional resilience of Immigration Service Providers (ISPs) in their support of these and other newcomers to the region.

The project mobilises its activities and research findings to contribute to real change by bringing together renowned researchers and academics, committed community organisations and immigrant and settlement advocates, and key policy makers and influencers in government at all levels to engage in dialogue and encourage action. The project is made possible with support from the Government of Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Principal Investigator                                                       Highlighted Projects

Dr. Jenna Hennebry

Co-investigators and Collaborators

Dr. Margaret Walton-Roberts

Dr. Mikal Skuterud

Dr. Ana Ferrer

Community Partners

Tara Bedard (Immigration Partnership Region of Waterloo) (Community Co-Chair)

Lucia Harrison & Ana Luz Martinez (KW Multicultural Centre)

Shelly Campagnola (Mennonite Coalition Refugee Support)