IMRC Headlines

2014-09-22 to 2014-10-31 Exhibits in the Library: “Do you see what I see?” by Bharati Sethi

2014-05-08 IMRC Associate Dr. Jonathan Crush co-editor of new book: A New Perspective on Human Mobility in the South

2014-05-09 IMRC Associates proudly celebrate Associate Director, Margaret Walton-Roberts and her Laurier Faculty Mentoring Award

2014-05-06 IMRC releases Policy Points Issue VI The Migrant Farmworker Health Journey: Identifying Issues and Considering Change across Borders

2014-05-01  IMRC Director, Jenna Hennebry, interviewed by CBC about temporary foreign worker numbers rising steeply in Kitchener and Guelph

2014-03-13  IMRC sponsors the S.A.M.E. Awareness Tour 2014

2014-03-04 IMRC Affiliate, Moniruzzaman Mohammad, awarded Laurier’s GSA Researcher of the month

2014-02-11 IMRC Associate, Dr. Jonathan Crush, interviewed on micro-entrepreneurs as targets of violence in SA

2014-01-31 IMRC Associate Dr. Robert McLeman launches new book, Climate and Human Migration

2014-01-18 IMRC sponsors CACS-ACEC keynote, Mimi Thi Nguyen “Damage Control, and the Art of Governing Freedom”

2014-01-17 CACS-ACEC presents a free screening of “Dal Puri Diaspora: The journey of Indian rotis across three continents”

2014-01-16 IMRC Associates go to Dispersion 2014 CACS-ACEC annual national conference

2013-12-12  IMRC releases the 2012-2013 Annual Report

2013-12-05 “Inner-city ‘cleansing’ eats away at food security” by Jonathan Crush, Business Day BDLive

2013-11-29  IMRC Affiliate, Maissaa Mustafa talks to CBC about the barriers new Canadians and refugees face

2013-11-18  Robert McLeman comments on climate and refugees in the Globe and Mail

2013-11-08  “IMRC presents migration lectures with Mat Coleman and Kathy Kopinak”

2013-10-28  “Should international law recognize ‘climate change refugees’?” The Current, CBC

2013-09-12  “Grant helps Laurier researchers bring mirgration research to public” WLU Headlines

2013-09-10  “Filling the labour gaps” Chris Sorensen, Macleans

2013-08-20  IMRC faculty release new edited book, Territoriality and Migration in the EU Neighbourhood

2013-06-24  “Most who leave SA are economically lost to the country” Jonathan Crush, Cape Times

2012-10-10  “Can we keep our doctors and get back those who left?” Jonathan Crush, The New Age

2012-10-05  Publication from Assessing the Complexities of South Asian Migration Conference

2012-10-04  “The Ambivalent Diaspora: what South African Canadians think”, blog post by Jonathan Crush

2012-10-04  Upcoming public lecture October 17, “The Ugandan Asian Refugee Movement 1972″

2012-09-12  Lastest Policy Points III now posted

2012-08-13  Podcast: Luin Goldring and Janet McLaughlin, about temporary migrants and “deeming”

2012-08-08  AFSUN-SAMP-IMRC Conference, University of Cape Town Nov 26-27 – Abstracts due

2012-08-08  Attend the El Contrato Documentary screening for free in Toronto on August 28

2012-08-08  Migration and Development Journal, New 2012 Release

2012-07-23  CIHS Bulletin, July 2012

2012-06-21  IMRC researchers study health across borders

2012-06-07  Public lecture by Sucha Singh Gill on Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in India

2012-06-06  Long-form census remains hot topic for Canadian researchers

2012-05-12  Diaspora newsletter “Roots & Routes” released

2012-04-23  “Temporary Foreign Workers Canada Blacklist: Jason Kenney wants permanent ban on employers who abuse migrant workers” Rachel Mendleson, Huffington Post

2012-04-15  Jenna Hennebry and Janet McLaughling on CTV’s ProvinceWide

2012-04-16  Getting Used to the Quiet: Immigrant Adolescents’ Journey to Belonging in New Brunswick, Canada

2012-01-26  “Illegal migration and policy challenges in Nigeria” Lanre Ikuteyijo, Africa Portal Backgrounder No. 21