Comparative Evaluation of Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) and their Role in the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Process

The final stage of the Federal Government’s five step plan was focused on resettlement, the most crucial time with regard to long term resettlement success. However, it is the stage for which Canada is least prepared. LIPs, was introduced by the CIC in 2008. the Initiative was designed to address a number of long standing issues with local settlement policy including the de facto role of municipalities and the disparate relationship between stakeholders involved in the settlement process. The arrival of over 26,000 Syrian refugees presents a pressing need to evaluate the success of LIPs in coordinating complex refugee settlement services and responses with multiple service providers and institutions. This event represents an ideal opportunity to explore how effective LIPs can be in coordinating settlement efforts and to what extent their coordination role can enhance the refugee resettlement process and outcomes. The findings of the comparative study will shed light on LIPs’ strengths and potential in coordinating multi-sectoral stakeholders, and can be used to improve refugee resettlement policies and practices across Canada. The proposed project will enhance dialogue and reflection about the resettlement process both within and between local stakeholders in the communities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Hamilton and beyond.


Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) and their role in the Syrian refugee resettlement process in three Ontario reception centres

French Version: Les partenariats locaux en immigration (PLI) et leur rôle durant la réinstallation des réfugiés syriens dans trois centres de l’Ontario

Scaling-Up Canada’s Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Model for Proactive Refugee Resettlement

Waterloo: Local Immigrant Partnerships Role in Syrian Refugee Resettlement in Three Ontario Reception Centres.

Ottawa and the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP/PLIO)

Hamilton: The Local Immigrant Partnerships (LIPs) in Canada

Policy Briefs

Scaling Up Canada’s Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Model for Proactive Refugee Resettlement

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