Hungry Cities Reports

By 2020, the urban population of the South is expected to exceed 50% for the first time in history. Over the next 30 years, virtually all of the anticipated 3 billion increase in the human population will occur in cities of the South.  By 2030 these cities will absorb 95% of global urban growth, becoming home to 80% of the world’s urban population. Accompanying this urban transition is a growing crisis of food insecurity in cities and city-regions. Even in countries experiencing economic growth, food insecurity is a major challenge.

The Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) is an international network of cities and city-based partner organizations which focuses on the relationships between rapid urbanization, informality, inclusive growth and urban food systems in the Global South. The HCP aims to provide solutions to the challenge of building sustainable cities, policies and programs that promote food security in cities. The HCP currently operates in China, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique and South Africa.

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Hungry Cities Report #1

Hungry Cities Report #2

Hungry Cities Report #3