News: MOAS Podcast: Rohingya Migrants Prepare for Extreme Weather

How do you protect over one million Rohingya refugees during the monsoon season? It’s difficult. In a few short weeks, the cyclone and monsoon seasons will hit Bangladesh bringing with them wind speeds of up to 100 kilometres and almost two metres in rainfall in some places. That’s why we’re exploring what’s going on the ground, why this year could be deadly and how the aid agencies are preparing for a multitude of emergencies. Joining us to discuss this are Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, Dave Petley and WASH Officer for UNHCR, Emmett Kearney.

Dave Petley @davepetley
Emmett Kearney @emmettjk


Emergency Cyclone and Monsoon Appeal:

Emergency Cyclone and Monsoon Appeal 2018