Promoting and Protecting Women Migrant Workers’ Rights

Promoting and Protecting Women Migrant Workers’ Rights and Human Rights: Engaging with international and national human rights mechanisms to enhance accountabilitcabbage pickery

UN WOMEN, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, has enlisted the IMRC to direct this project in collaboration with country offices at the national level in three separate contexts: Mexico, Moldova and the Philippines. The project aims to explore the vulnerabilities and risks faced by women migrant workers as they are placed in precarious working conditions or face exploitation and abuse, even though they are also seen as agents of development, remitters of earnings and breadwinners. The IMRC is developing methodological tools for use at the country level in data gathering, key informant interviews and primary research with a central goal of developing a gender-sensitive approach to the study and understanding of women migrant workers (WMWs) and their experiences.

The project also aims to strengthen international human rights mechanisms by including a gender focus, which has been missing from recent scholarly and institutional literature and studies on international migration governance. The IMRC will develop final reports around the themes of gender, development, remittances and trafficking in global and national contexts in order to advance WMWs’ rights in discourse at the international level. The IMRC is proud to lend its resources and experience in addressing this increasingly important global issue.

For information and questions please contact technical lead Dr. Jenna Hennebry ([email protected])