Video: Inaugural Dr. Kerry Preibisch Lecture – Dr. Janet McLaughlin

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This lecture which took place on March 31st 2016 was the first of the annual Dr. Kerry Preibisch Global Social Justice and Migration Lecture Series organized by the International Migration Research Centre. Dr. Kerry Preibisch was a prolific scholar in the area of social justice and migration, who died of cancer in January, 2016, at the height of her career. The intention of this annual memorial lecture is to add to the myriad ways that scholars and students can keep her research and vision of promoting migrants’ human rights alive into the future. Invited speakers must bring a global social justice perspective to their lecture pertaining to migration, and are encouraged to engage directly with Kerry’s work.

Dr. Jenna Hennebry introduces this new lecture series with the short talk, Mapping Migrant Worker Health into the Global Health and Migration Nexus.

Dr. Hennebry’s talk is followed by a lecture by Dr. Janet McLaughlin Harvesting Justice: Towards Securing the Health and Human Rights of Migrant Agricultural Workers in Canada.