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    The International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) is a research centre serving as a focal point for debate, research, policy analysis, and proposal development related to international migration at the global, national and … [Read More]

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  • Welcome from New IMRC Directors

    Dear colleagues, Summer's greetings from the IMRC! We hope that this finds you immersed in fruitful field research, cool summer activities, and rest. We are writing to announce our arrival as new directors at the IMRC, … [Read More]

    Welcome from New IMRC Directors
  • Migrant Mobility Initiative

    Providing free bicycles to migrant farm workers in Ontario Migrant farm workers can experience restrictive circumstances working in Ontario. Simple things like long hours and distance from important services are obstacles. … [Read More]

    Migrant Mobility Initiative
  • Skilled Migration: LATEST REPORT

    Immigration policy changes and entry to practice routes for Internationally Education Nurses (IENs) Margaret Walton-Roberts, Jennifer Guo, Keegan Williams and Jenna Hennebry This knowledge synthesis report examines how … [Read More]

    Skilled Migration: LATEST REPORT
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    The International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) produces regular publications by research associates, and as a result of collaborations. IMRC Publications inform policy makers, institutions, nongovernmental and government … [Read More]

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